School Firsts is the first online school that caters to the needs of the entire school system or an individual school. It is an innovation that allows students to learn from home by providing an easy method to learn from public school teachers from the student’s own school or the same subject from a different teacher in the school district. As we venture through the pandemic, School Firsts recruits the collection of teachers and subjects available for students to simply log on and take the classes already on video and ready to view.

There are opportunities for teachers to teach in other nations. Negotiations will include the selected teacher and your classes will be delivered as agreed. School Firsts provides education as it’s product and has the capability of educating children all over the nation and the world, from Pre-K to PhD, but our focus is K-12.

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Parent Members of School Firsts are provided with monthly engaging sessions and the newsletter, Xcellence, that place them far ahead when it comes to school updates, important school related meetings, electing education officials, and monthly activities.


SCHOOL FIRSTS offers all subjects for study that are based on courses offered in every school.  Teachers can reach out to scholastic coaches for feedback on curriculum and lesson plans that are developed based on the individual goals and objectives of each student.  School Firsts makes teaching at home easy through the pandemic, weather related school closings, teacher vacations, and sick leave. 

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SCHOOL FIRSTS loves teachers!

Our focus is the school teacher and all that ensures them better communications. School Firsts provides students better opportunities to listen to every word teachers speak. It gives teachers confidence when taking vacation time to rest without losing important time completing their syllabi. We are the advocates for every school teacher. We're your team!

Log On to access your classroom to prepare for your students to find you. Orientation and Member Training will guide you through the procedures.

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Our Educators are our Superintendents, Principals, Vice-Principals, Librarians, Media Center Staff, Psychologists, Counselors, all staff and leaders that keep our schools operating.

You can rely on us to assist you with reaching goals. You'll receive monthly newsletters, events, and support. 

Your membership is $45 each year, a one time annual fee, that provides you with counseling and the support you need throughout the year.

register class videos

You will need to register each video of your class.  When School Firsts asks you about registering your class, this is where you complete what is necessary to submit your online classes to us to catalog them so that students can find you to arrive on time.

You cannot submit a class without utilizing this Register Class Video form.

We look forward to your exciting, creative, colorful enlightening classes!

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Elected officials are welcome to join our membership. We understand that you are a key and integral part of Education, and your votes determine the direction of the educational system in every state.

Welcome officials!


School Firsts Staff Members register and login here.


We are featured on the contact page if you need to reach us directly.