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Day School Teacher


School Firsts is an online public school system that provides a full day of classes for students in grades K-12. The online school gives parents teaching at home, and teachers needing a colorful school focused site, a professional source 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for preparing classes, lesson planning, and developing curriculum for online learning. It’s an easy system for teachers, parents and substitute teachers.

Students learn better using School Firsts. They relax and learn from online classes that can rewind and replay. Students are permitted to view classes any time of the day to refresh their comprehension of lectures from their own school teachers.

Constance Lov Johnson is a Public Administrator, President and Superintendent of School Firsts, President of the Black Legislative American Caucus (BLAC) and also owner of Legislative Star, a political magazine. The infrastructure of School Firsts was carefully created step-by-step by Johnson, a former school counselor, school lead teacher, and school administrator. 

Teacher and Students in Science Class
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