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Elected Official: Get your Membership to Receive Event Notices, Invitations to Speak and Opportunities to Teach

We need teachers and parents to become more aware of the work of elected officials and what they can do to make budgets more applicable to the needs of teachers. 


We will provide opportunities for elected officials to speak, teach, and invite students, parents, and teachers on wonderful field trips to the capitols. 


 A yearly membership for a first-time member is discounted to $35 through 2020-21. We offer you a chance to experience School Firsts for one month free.

Your Membership includes…

School Firsts Membership is $45 per year, but only $35 for your first year.


A Monthly Newsletter to receive updates on classes, events, and activities.

Communications with the Superintendent.

Opportunities to be first on the list for speaking engagements, panel discussions, banquets, etc. Articles and speaking engagements are based on relevant issues, editorial headlines, and teachers issues, but memberships comes with benefits of priority participation.

Field Trips and Events are discounted for members and elected officials.