School Firsts is the first Online Public School in the nation, and we mandate states to follow procedures that ensure the educational equity and economic justice for all students in each school district. There is criteria that all states are required to meet before operating a remote system of education, and they are listed below. Please consider a thorough Quality Review of your Remote Learning process to qualify your District's schools.  

A manual that provides detailed summaries and support is available. 



1​. The internet must be accessible for each and every student in your district. If not, accessing School Firsts qualifies your district as the web-based process that provides the alternatives to accessing teachers and learning sources online. All students of a district must report to the same source daily. Students must attend to be documented as present or absent each day. Attendance reports from the selected source for accessing the internet are submitted to the State Boards of Education, and District attendance/absentee percentages are listed publicly each month.

2. All of your materials and graphics must be legally purchased and owned by the school or internet source of online learning.

3. All teachers, principals, and superintendents are registered to attend or have attended at least three training sessions a year on remote learning and online educational tools to receive a certificate of accreditation.

4. All teachers, principals, and superintendents are registered for or have attended sessions in operating remote or online educational systems in math, science, technology, and language and have submitted or in the process of submitting four videos highlighting specified online procedures uniquely utilized in each subject area.