Parents: Register for Membership for Chats with Teachers, Counselors, Scholastic Coaches, 24/7

School Firsts is an innovative online school for Public and Private Schools. Lessons that cannot be provided by teachers due to Covid-19, weather related closures, teacher vacations, or other reasons for facility closures, can be delivered easily and effectively through School Firsts by parents. Our process is web-based, and classes are easily completed. There is a yearly membership fee of $45 for parents and $35 for students. A yearly membership for a first-time parent is discounted to $35 through July 30, 2020.

A Parent Membership includes…

School Firsts Membership is $45 per year, but only $35 for your first year.


Online Parent-Teacher meetings moderated by Scholastic Coaches if needed.

Parent members receive two (2) annual replacements by Scholastic Coaches for Teacher meetings. The Scholastic Coaches are qualified retired teachers and Educators.

Scholastic Coaches are available for guidance and consultation for website tools and student classwork.

Online and In-Person Tutoring sessions are extra but discounted for parent and student members.

Tutoring sessions are $35 per hour for members for all subjects, in person or online. For sessions registered for 2 plus hours, a meeting location is confirmed through School Firsts.

Parent Field Trips and Events are discounted for members and elected officials.