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Student Classes Searchable by Grade Level

School Firsts provides all subjects for all grade levels from Pre-K to PhD. Students classes can be found by searching grade level, teacher name, class subject, city, state, and nation.

Upon confirming membership, register for your assigned set of classes for online learning


Student memberships are $35 annually. Sponsors have provided three- year scholarships that are available for students depending on parents’ income. Find the chat for our school counselor and ask if you qualify for financial assistance.

Textbooks are issued upon entering the first day of each class. College students may incur book fees. Each student member will receive a locker to store all books. Upon distribution or purchase, students have access to digital books 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Classes are also digital. All members have access to classes throughout the scheduled quarter/semester. You can learn from your teachers' lectures from your phones and laptops.

Image by William Iven



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