Red Apple

Teachers: An Online Apple for You

Your first goal is to LOG IN to become a member. 

Your second goal is to begin recording each of your classes to register them, which allows us to secure them on School Firsts for your students. Students will need to log on to receive the benefits of membership. Scholarships are provided by Sponsors if teachers and students need financial assistance with yearly member fees, which are $35-$45.

Our focus is the school teacher and all that ensures them better communications. Our web-based school provides students better opportunities to listen to every word teachers speak. It gives teachers confidence when taking vacation time to rest without losing important time completing their syllabi. 


As a member you receive your own classroom space on School Firsts. The classrooms are equipped with book shelves for book distribution by links for each student, uploads for videos of your unique and

educational classes, and selections of colors for your room.

Opportunities to Teach Abroad: 

As a Member, we negotiate with other member schools in

other nations for opportunities to learn from our talented member teachers that could result in added pay. We will alert you when the time comes to negotiate.

Teachers’ Lounge:

The Teachers’ Lounge links teachers together in a Zoom or chat with other educators to share experiences, information, and knowledge. 


The Library will provide links to all textbooks ordered by teachers to ensure that you and your students have access, and parents can refer to them when needed. 

Parent Teacher Zoom and Chats:

We provide you with your own chat room to conduct Parent-Teacher meetings, with Scholastic Coaches available to assist when needed. Scholastic Coaches are former and retired educators that can moderate your meetings with parents. They work hand in hand with parents to ensure that they are kept abreast of school information, events, and to build effective communications between teachers and parents.

Books and Supplies:

We look to Teachers to provide us with the books and materials students need to be successful in the classes. We will place your books and supplies in our school store for pickup and purchasing to use for online classes on School Firsts and in the schools. 

Certification and Testing for Educators:

School Firsts will provide test prep services, resources, and references to keep you abreast of required tests required by states to ensure your tenure and qualifications as educators. We seek to save you time and make your life’s work as smooth as possible. 

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